Ryan + Alex's Engagement // Houston Wedding Photography Golden White

Is it worth it to attend Houston bridal shows?  

You tell me.  I drew Ryan and Alex's names in a drawing for a free Houston engagement session and 11x16 at the I Do Soiree bridal show hosted by Weddings in Houston Magazine last fall and recently photographed their shoot in downtown Houston.  We had an absolute blast and ended up trespassing in every location we selected which kind of added to the fun, but more importantly their pictures are so unique! I've yet to see these locations used and because they were so fun and adventurous I knew they would be down for just about anything :)


We started at Houston's Old City Hall- I've been dreaming of capturing this image for the longest time, we went after hours so there were hardly any people around and were able to nail the shot before getting chased off.  After that we crossed the street to One Shell Plaza- again love the architecture of this building but have never been able to capture it. Ryan had the awesome idea for them to dance, and from there- well you can see the magic for yourself!


From there we walked a block or two and found a parking garage with an open door to the 10 flights of stairs that led to the roof. Like I said they were down for anything, so we began our hike up the stairs, in the Texas summer heat, outside, carrying gear and champagne.  Once we got to the top and cooled down a bit we started to set up another shot Ryan and Alex had in mind.  They wanted to pop a champagne bottle and capture the fizz and excitement. I positioned them with some of the beautiful Houston skyline sunset behind them and THEN...#fail.  The bottle had gotten so jostled on our climb up the stairs that the cork just sort of came out unexpectedly...no fizz...no excitement...but some pretty funny reactions :) 


We were able to laugh off the failed champagne incident and wrap up the shoot on this amazing rooftop just before getting kicked out by the sweetest security lady!


So you tell me, is it worth it to attend Houston bridal shows?  I think you know how Ryan and Alex would answer.

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