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Do you really need to update your Houston family pictures EVERY year?

I hear a lot of families ask this question.  They say it seems like overkill, or what am I going to do with all these pictures? While of course it IS a self-serving statement to confirm you should update your Houston family pictures each year, it also holds true for several reasons.

1.  If you have kids, THEY GROW SO FAST!  The last two years I have had the joy of documenting my nephew.  Getting to see him take his first steps, speak his first words...well if you are a parent- you get where I'm going.  Because they grow so fast and change so much I recommend getting family photos every 3-6months during their first year, and then once a year from 1-5, and then every other year from then on.

2.  It's not about creating a shrine of Houston family photos.  Of course you aren't going to display every picture from every year.  While yes you should enlarge one or two from each session, I suggest my clients rotate them around the house or even swap their enlargements seasonally. With all the rest of the photos from your session you may print some smaller sizes like 5x7s and 8x10s to put around the house or at the office or give to family as gifts...but what I like to do for my clients ( and they love it!) is create a coffee table book from each session.  These are smaller skinny books about 10x10 in size, with about 30 images in them- they are a great way to save your favorites, look back on that time, and share with friends and family that come to visit.  

What this will do over time as years pass by and your have your regular updated Houston family photo session, is that it will create a VOLUME of photo albums documenting your family.  Picture a shelf on a book case where along the spines of 10 books you read The White Family 2018, The White Family 2019, etc... 

3.  Its not about matching white button downs and khakis.  A true Houston family photographer should guide you not only on wardrobe, hair, and makeup, but also work with you to create a vision for your session and for your home decor that represents your Houston family.  

For example: I have a program I offer called "Client For Life" where for a one time fee, my families get a free photo session every year for the rest of my life.  Being that a session fee could run anywhere from $199-$399 depending on the time of year and day of the week, this quickly saves families a pretty penny, especially if you are of the mindset of documenting your family every year.  It also ensures we actually do the Houston family session every year :) While life often gets in the way, I'll be the one reaching out and making sure this session happens for you.

One of my Houston wedding couples with 3 adorable little girls recently added this to their wedding package.  Immediately we began bouncing ideas off each other for sessions each year.   One idea was- their family has property on a river in Texas where they love to go fly-fishing.  AWESOME! Because I don't charge for travel, this is something all my families can take advantage of- planning their sessions out each year in a different location.  The vision I painted for my couple was mom and dad fly fishing on the river, and the 3 little girls floating in inner tubes past them all while I'm shooting along the river bank.

Does that sound like a typical family photo to you?  I sure hope not! My goal is to create art, not cheesy matchy-matchy portraits.

4. Everyone these days THINKS they want all their images on a CD.  Ok great, then what.  Do you every go through your digital images and enjoy and relive them?  More than likely the answer is no, they are forgotten unless you post them on Facebook and your daily "memories" feature pops up.

Images are meant to be printed, displayed, archived.  That is the goal of a true professional Houston photographer.  

When you look back over the years at your collection of Houston family photos- do you think you would regret investing your time and money in creating and documenting those memories.  I can assure you - you wouldn't.  But now flip the questions, looking back over the years do you think you would regret not having your son or daughter captured when they were 6 years old and that adorable gap in their teeth, without a care in the world? I guarantee you would.

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