Yes. By Houston Wedding Photographer Taylor Golden

As the holidays approach, it becomes easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, but let's not forget the meaning behind these special days. 

My sister had a friend named Jamilyn Hull who tragically died in a car crash last year.  Jamilyn wasn't just a normal girl, she was exceptional. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting her myself, I have encountered several people who knew her and they all said the same thing...she was an angel.  Jamilyn dedicated her work to missions, she was kind and generous and also happened to be a photographer.  

The more I heard of Jamilyn the more intrigued I became, I watched her service on YouTube which was performed by my pastor Jeremy Foster and was touched at what I heard.  Jamilyn always said Yes.  If someone needed help, she said yes. If God called her to missions, she said yes. Jamilyn unbeknowingly started a movement with her death of Yes.  And now her mission carries on.

The Hull family worked with the Deborah Colton Gallery in Houston where Jamilyn worked to display her touching photographer from her mission trips to raise funds for the organizations she was so passionate about.  I was honored to be able to photograph the gallery opening with her family-who all subsequently had gotten "Yes." tattooed on their wrists. It was a touching, joyous, and tearful night as hundreds of people turned up to support Jamilyn's art and missions.

As a fellow artist, I am personally inspired at how Jamilyn used her passion and talent to change the world.  I am thankful for the opportunity to know her family, for her friendship with my sister, and for her contribution to this world.  

To see Jamilyn's story, watch her service, view her artwork, and to support the missions, visit her website below.

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