Custom Jewelry for Houston Wedding Photographer Taylor Golden!

At my studio in Houston, TX I am to offer a luxury boutique experience for my clients, which means lavishing them with gifts and surprises whenever possible!  I believe in customer service above all things.  When shopping for one of the most important services (your Houston wedding photographer) for the most important day of your life (your wedding!) wouldn't you want to be treated extra special? 

When a bride and groom book me I like to surprise them with a few gifts, and this happens to be my newest pride and joy!  I discovered 1 Love Designs  through a friend recently and instantly became intrigued at what they had to offer.  Over drinks Angelique, the owner and creator, started asking me about my birthday and my personality, she then pulled some gorgeous bracelets off her wrist- explaining to me that they were REAL gemstones and certain gems assist different elements in a person's being.  For me, I am a Taurus, being very grounded and down to earth and a giant nature lover, she recommended sandalwood.

The conversation went on and on, until I decided I had to buy one just for me- Angelique custom made me a set based on my personality- this was SO much better than an Alex and Ani bracelet- this was 100% custom for ME.  And then I started thinking about how I would love for my brides to have these as well, and how they would make amazing bridesmaids gifts, and how I was going to get every woman in my family a custom bracelet, until it hit create a custom bracelet just for my brides!

My design is made of real Black Onyx, Mother of Pearl, and Gold, here are what my bracelets mean:

Strength, Endurance, Harmony, Awareness | Love Links

Black onyx brings to light the need for self awareness. With it's ability to transcend, it is a stone of great transition, and allows the wearer a sense of oneness with self. When combined together with mother of pearl it aligns and aids in the vision and desire for a nurturing relationship, thus uniting the two together creates harmony, protection and a strong, loving union.

To all my future Houston brides, I can't wait to give you this token of appreciation for entrusting me to your day. 

To see more of 1 Love Designs bracelets or to have one custom made for you, a family member, or your bridal party; visit her etsy shop here and contact her to create a 100% unique piece that will never go out of style!

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